To mark the 75th anniversary of the only nuclear war in human history — the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan — Ethics In Tech will be hosting an online event on Thursday, August 6, 2020. Join us at 6:30 for “Ignominious Anniversary: Remembering Hiroshima and Imagining a World Without Killer Robots, Nuclear Weapons and Mass Surveillance,” an evening of activism, education and humor.

What would a world without nuclear weapons look like? What if the US never waged nuclear war against a defeated and defenseless Japan? How do work toward a more peaceful future free from weapons of mass destruction, killer robots and mass surveillance? We’ll explore these issues and more and, as usual, we will cap off our evening with stand-up performances from a coterie of comics.

You can RSVP here. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Speakers & Comedians:

Cindy Cohn, Executive Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF):

Cindy Cohn is the Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. From 2000-2015 she served as EFF’s Legal Director as well as its General Counsel. Ms. Cohn first became involved with EFF in 1993, when EFF asked her to serve as the outside lead attorney in Bernstein v. Dept. of Justice, the successful First Amendment challenge to the U.S. export restrictions on cryptography.

In 2018, Forbes included Ms. Cohn as one of America’s Top 50 Women in Tech. The National Law Journal named Ms. Cohn one of 100 most influential lawyers in America in 2013, noting: “If Big Brother is watching, he better look out for Cindy Cohn.” She was also named in 2006 for “rushing to the barricades wherever freedom and civil liberties are at stake online.” I

n 2007 the National Law Journal named her one of the 50 most influential women lawyers in America. In 2010 the Intellectual Property Section of the State Bar of California awarded her its Intellectual Property Vanguard Award and in 2012 the Northern California Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists awarded her the James Madison Freedom of Information Award.

Erin Hunt, Program Director, Mines Action Canada:

Erin has been doing public education on the Ottawa Treaty banning landmines since 2003 and working in humanitarian disarmament in various capacities since 2006.

Erins areas of expertise include the humanitarian impact of indiscriminate weapons, victim assistance, gender in disarmament and Canadian disarmament policy. She contributes to the work of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, the Cluster Munition Coalition, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. She also spent two years as a senior researcher on casualties and victim assistance for the Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor. Erin was a member of the civil society negotiating team during the 2017 process to negotiate the Treaty on theProhibition of Nuclear Weapons with the Nobel Peace Laureate International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Prior to joining Mines Action Canada, Erin worked on victim assistance programs for landmine survivors in Uganda, implemented sport-based peacebuilding programs for youth in a post-conflict setting and worked in child welfare. She has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the University of Victoria and a Masters Degree in Human Security and Peacebuilding from Royal Roads University.

Rev. Dr. Dorsey Odell Blake, Faculty Associate Advisor To Ethics In Technology:

Rev Blake was officially installed as Presiding Minister of The Church for The Fellowship of All Peoples in October, 1994. During Dr. Blake’s installation service, Mrs. Sue Bailey Thurman presented Dr. Howard Thurman’s robe — which had not been worn since his death – to Dr. Blake as a symbol of her trust in his leading the congregation “so that there will be no past greater than our future.”

Dr. Blake served as Dean of Faculty and Visiting Professor of Spirituality and Prophetic Justice at Starr King School for the Ministry for six years. He continued to serve on the Core Faculty until his resignation in January of 2015. He currently serves as Faculty Associate, Leadership and Social Transformation at Pacific School of Religion.

Brett Wilkins, Ethics In Tech Board Member:

Brett Wilkins has been a member of Ethics In Tech since 2014 and a board member since 2019. He is a contributor at Common Dreams, Counterpunch and, where his work focuses on issues of war and peace, human rights and social justice. Brett recently joined Collective 20, a new activist writers’ collective featuring Noam Chomsky, Medea Benjamin and other US and global thought leaders. Locally, Brett is the membership coordinator for the San Francisco Berniecrats, an Our Revolution affiliate.

Janet Weil, Advisor, Ethics In Tech:

Janet is a longtime peace and environmental activist. After a career teaching English to immigrants, Janet served on CodePink’s national staff for several years. She helped organize the first CodePink action against killer drones at Creech Air Force Base in 2009, and has participated in 5 “Creech Shutdowns” from 2009 – 2015.

In 2011, she co-founded the SF99% Coalition, to provide support to the Occupy Movement and to work collaboratively with representatives of the peace, labor, faith and environmental organizations of San Francisco. The SF99% Coalition was successful in getting the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to pass a resolution opposing the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. In summer 2013, Janet was a lead organizer of a well-attended workshop using revelations exposed by Edward Snowden and published on Wikileaks. For 4 years, Janet served as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the annual awards dinner for local activists (once with Vahid as co-MC.)

Janet’s writing, both prose and poetry, has been published on the CodePink blog Pink Tank, Common Dreams, Women’s Older Wisdom blog, Oregon Poetry Association, and other outlets. Her college degrees include a BA in History from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master’s in Education from San Francisco State University.

Vahid Razavi, Founder, Ethics In Tech:

A technology veteran of Silicon Valley. Author of two books “The Age of Nepotism” and “Ethics In Tech and Lack Thereof”. An expert in the subject of Iran and US politics as it relates to censorship and surveillance. As a lifelong activist and humanitarian he has published hundreds of articles and videos on various social issues including regional politics, poverty, war and social injustice.

Debi Durst, Comedian and Ethics in Tech Advisor:

Forged in the crucible of improvisational theater at a young age, Debi has performed with every improv group known to Humanity in the Bay Area, beginning with The Committee, Spaghetti Jam, Femprov, The Comedy Underground, The National Theater of the Deranged, Papaya Juice, The Dinosaurs of Improv, The Marsh Jam and currently The Bad Aunties.

She produces San Francisco’s Comedy Celebration Day and The Big Fat Year End Kiss Off Comedy Show.

She is the official emcee of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s Annual Cable Car Bell Ringing Contest and her heart pumps orange and black for her San Francisco Giants.

Francesca Fiorentini, Comedian & Journalist:

Francesca Fiorentini is a comedian and correspondent. She is host of Newsbroke on AJ+, and “Red White and Who?” on MSNBC, and The Bitchuation Room podcast.

Greg Proops, Comedian:

“Here he is, though, in front of a live audience each week, bravely recording some of the boldest comedy on the podcasting frontier right now.” -Rolling Stone Magazine

Greg Proops is a stand up comic from San Francisco. He lives in Hollywood. It’s not that bad. Really. The Proopdog is best known for his unpredictable appearances on Whose Line is it Anyway? Both the US and UK. In its 7th season on the CW. Greg is recurring as the art teacher Mr. Granger on ABC’s Sitcom Schooled. Greg gives voice to Garma and Pod Race Announcer Jak Sirvak on the Disney Channel‘s Star Wars Animated Series Star Wars Resistance.Greg is Banzhou the evil cat alonside Zhendaya, Stephen Fry, Reggie Watts and many others in the animated feature Duck, Duck, Goose seen on Netflix.

Stand-up Greg has a new Political Comedy album out called The Resistance. Recorded live in his beloved San Francisco. Available on iTunes and from aspecialthing records.

Alvin Adrian Lee, Activist & Comedian:

Alvin Adrian Lee is a stand-up comedian, writer, and improviser based in San Francisco. They also work on political campaigns when low on cash because they like telling people who to vote for.


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