As Ethics In Technology, a small nonprofit, we have been fortunate. Early on, we partnered with organizations including the Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA) and Campaign To Stop Killer Robots. We took a stand against weapons of mass destruction and the surveillance state. As concerned citizens and working professionals we need to be concerned with the militarization of our police force, our cities and the continued erosion and deterioration of our civil liberties. We want to surround them with love from moms protesting the federal police force in Portland and major cities or moms protesting the next US army recruiting app.

We believe a majority of tech workers, and users, support our mission. Our mission is clearly stated here. It is now up to us to find like-minded partners. If you are working to protect digital rights, we are interested. If you are not employed in developing weapons of mass destruction — or mass distraction —  we are interested, although we welcome whistleblowers. If you are working to make the tech industry a more ethical place, we are all ears. 

We are a self-funded independent group of concerned citizens. Our website was established in 2013 and we have been doing comedy shows including the NSA Comedy Tour and holding speaking and community events since. We formed the nonprofit in 2019 and our advisors have a diverse background that reflects the world all humans call home. 

We are seeking partners who complement our mission statement. Partners who are willing to work within the tech sector to make it more ethical for all of the stakeholders. We invite you to reach out to us. Maybe you are an artist, an activist, a talented musician or comedian and would like to contribute, or maybe you work in a corporation that does good for the benefit of the people. Either way we want to hear from you.

Here are some lines we don’t cross: 

If you profit from war we have no interest to partner with you. 

  • We do not wish to work with anyone, except whistleblowers, who is profiting from the military-industrial complex, including through the development of weapons of mass destruction and killer robots. 
  • We will not partner with people who undermine data security or online privacy. 
  • We do not collaborate with human rights violators.  

Having said that, Ethics In Tech is far more about drawing people together than about drawing lines. We welcome all partners whose work aligns with our stated mission and principles. To find out more simply contact us at or through our contact us page and let’s explore how we can make the tech sector — and the world — a better place.

We offer our partners our blog as a platform and voice to resonate your message. You can post though-provoking content and participate in our upcoming events. You will be featured in our email newsletters and take part in combined social media boosts. We are here to propagate our combined message. 

Our partners also work with us to hold local events. We are looking for chapter leaders in each community to lead our organizational efforts. Maybe you don’t have so much time but still want to support us. We also welcome and greatly appreciate our donors. If you do have time, you can donate that too.  

At a time when our country is in so much disarray, there is also time for hope, vision and progress. Let’s get together for the benefit of the tech community. Join Ethics in Technology as a partner, donor or volunteer. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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